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For a limited time only and for the sake of developing our agency’s portfolio, we are offering our Nitro Projects Website Design services at an unbeatable introductory price. Take advantage of this incredible deal by purchasing your voucher and get your new business website to work for you!

This is the perfect opportunity to launch your business, website, or blog with a professional, attractive, and customized WordPress design and at an amazing price. Don‘t wait any longer; our introductory offer won‘t last long. There is a very limited number of vouchers available. Act now and get your voucher today before it runs out.

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Are you a small business owner looking to scale up your online presence with a new website design?

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Nitro Projects

Are here to give you a strong boost!

At Konectiz, we specialize in creating stunning & professional WordPress websites for small businesses like yours. Our Nitro Projects will get you up and running fast, and help you deliver high-quality products to your clients with minimal effort.

Our experienced team of WordPress experts will take care of the entire process for you, from website design to development, so that you can focus on running your business and growing your client base.

We understand the importance of delivering High-Quality websites to our customers, and with our expert design and development services, we will do just that. Our team is dedicated to creating a beautiful, modern, and functional website that your clients will love.

We provide fast turnaround times, quality assurance and support in a packaged solution that won’t impact your bottom line.

Whether you’re looking to expand your services online or just need a boost with your new business project, our team is ready to assist.

Contact us today to learn more about our Pro Website Design packages.

Nitro Projects 14 - 30 Days Away From Your Launch - Konectiz

Here’s what you get with your Pro Website Design voucher

Mockup to Website - Konectiz

Custom branded website – With our service, you can transform any of our available designs into a fully functioning website with all the features and functions you need. We offer a range of customization options, allowing you to create a website that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Content creation and integration - Konectiz

Content creation and integration – We know that creating and integrating content is a key part of building a successful website. That’s why our service provides you with the tools and resources to create, integrating and updating content quickly and easily on your new website.

100% Responsiveness - Konectiz

100% Responsiveness – In today’s market, having a website that looks great no matter what device or screen size it is being viewed on is a necessity. Our website design service is designed to ensure that your customers always have the best possible user experience while navigating your website.

E-commerce Integration - Konectiz

E-commerce integration – With your nitro project website, you can upgrade your package and get a complete E-commerce solution, without the hassle of managing the setup yourself. Our experienced developers will handle the setup and integration, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

E-Learning Integration - Konectiz

E-Learning integration – With our E-learning integration services, you can provide your students with a variety of interactive and engaging ways to enhance their learning experience through self-pace or live classes. From tutorials and courses to interactive quizzes, you can give your customers a complete Learning Management System (LMS).

Membership Integration - Konectiz

Membership platform integration – With this upgrade, your clients could be able to take advantage of all the powerful features of the membership site we would have built for you, including custom affiliate marketing systems, unlimited membership levels, advanced content protection, and more.

Industry Best Practices - Konectiz

Industry best practices – When it comes to building a website, industry best practices play an important role in ensuring the success of your online presence. By utilizing industry best practices on your WordPress website, we can ensure that it’s secure, efficient, and easy to use.

It’s a 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We take the risk off your hands!

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We have ready-made professional website design templates for you

No matter your industry!!!

Blockchain Technology
Coffee Shop
Day Care Services
Digital Agency
Finance & Consulting
Game Dev Studio
Learn Baking

Life & Health Coach
Local Business
Marketing Firm
Online Academy
Online Store
Outdoor Adventure
Personal Trainer
Pet Care

Real Estate
Rental Agency
Roofing Agency
Security Services
Web Developer Portfolio
Wedding Planner
Wine Bar and Restaurant
Yoga Studio

And more – We have more than 220 templates ready for you to choose from

Do you want to build or revamp an E-commerce store?

We got you covered!

Find the best match to your needs in our E-commerce templates library!

Naturally, we’ll customize the design to accurately reflect your business’s unique identity.

Baby Store
Be Bold
Beauty Products Store
Blingg Jewelry
Book Store
Brandstore Pro
Cosmetics Store
Custom Printing
Custom Printing Pro
eBook Author
eGrow Plants
Electric Scooter
Eyewear Store
Fashion Designer
Freelance Artist
Furniture Shop
Furniture Store
Gift Shop
Innesa Perfumes
Jewellery Store
T-Shirts Store
Office Furniture Store
Online Furniture Store
Organic Store
Painter Artist
Planet Earth Store
Plant Shop
Recycled Shoe Store
Shoe Store
Simply Natural
Skin Cleanser Store
Sports Wear Store
WooCommerce Logo

WooCommerce Store

Sell any product or package you want

Choose your professional website design template

Browse our library of templates and pick the one your prefer

We’ll customize it to your liking!

Our work brings smiles

The face behind this project

Baggio is a web developer with more than 8 Years of experience, building responsive websites, applications, and digital marketing for different company sizes and scopes of projects including White-label WordPress web design services.

Why Are We Offering Affordable Nitro Projects For Everybody - Konectiz

Why are we making our pro website design services so affordable?

Developing your business is an arduous task and sometimes you may be overloaded and limited in your budget.

Should you give up your project because you don’t have the financial and technical availability to build it up now?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Well, this is where our Nitro Packages come into play! We are here to accompany you in the expansion of your business online.

We trust that you truly want to grow your business and decide to put our faith in you and your project!

Working with us gives you peace of mind! Knowing that you have a fully functional and personalized website that transmits properly your brand values to your customers will allow you to focus more on building your business up!

“While launching my online neuropshychology & orthophony training company, I entrusted Konectiz to build the platform and to plan and implement the whole digital marketing strategy.

Baggio is really nice to work with! He is patient, listens to my needs, gives good advice, and is excellent at finding the best solutions!

With him, there are never problems… only solutions! I feel confident and that’s important when you entrust someone with what is most important to you!”

Magali Zerrouki - Founder, Comprendre Ensemble

Let’s make a strong move

It’s time to expand your business’s capacity with your Pro Website Design voucher!

Get a solid partner you can trust your business with!

That's not all! We are also bringing to you our expertise in digital marketing


You can check out the quality of our work in the field of digital marketing by looking at how our blog posts have been written and implemented. Perhaps you could find out more about digital marketing and how to use it for your business.

Here is what you'll get with your Pro Website Design voucher

We trust that you truly want to succeed and we chose to invest in you and in your business!

We’ll give you the tools and knowledge your business needs to succeed and you can start exploiting your new website right from Day 31 from the start of the project!

Reserve your voucher now so that from the start of your project, you only pay the monthly introductory subscription fee until the total amount is paid off.

***There is only 1 Voucher available for this phase!***


Nitro Projects Phase 1

Only 1 Voucher available
Standard Package
  • Professional Website
  • Content Creation & Integration
    (Up to 5 Pages)
  • 1 Year Hosting Included
  • 1 Year Domain Name Included
  • E-Commerce
    (up to 3 Products)
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Initial Subscription Email Sequence
    (2 emails)
  • Lead Generation Form - Footer
  • Initial Lead Generation Email Sequence
    (3 Emails)
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management System
  • Calendar & Bookings
    (1 account Setup) - In Option
  • Learning Management System
    (1 Year licence included) - Course Integration In Option
  • BONUS: Video Tutorials - Basic Pack
    (600$ value)
  • BONUS: 10 Hours FREE Ongoing Support
    (1000$ value)
  • BONUS: Free Digital marketing Strategy - Basic Pack
    (300$ value)
  • BONUS: 25% reduction on additional support
    (Up to 20 Hours)
  • BONUS: Free 2 hours Onboarding Session
    (200$ value)

We are rolling out this campaign in 7 phases

In each phase, we will build a defined number of projects for different customers and publish them. A phase is completed either when the total number of vouchers available for that phase are sold or when the end of the promotion of the phase is reached. 

Here is the timeline of our “Invest in Konectiz” campaign:

Only 1 Voucher available

Phase 1 (Current)

Promotion State: Ends August 31st

Voucher Price (Month 1): 400$

Monthly Subscription Fee : 0$

Subscription Duration: 1 Month

Total: 400$

Only 1 Voucher available

Only 1 Voucher available

Phase 2

Promotion State: Not Started

Voucher Price (Month 1): 400$

Monthly Subscription Fee (Months 2-3): 200$

Subscription Duration: 3 Months

Total: 800$

Only 1 Voucher available

Only 2 Vouchers available

Phase 3

Promotion State: Not Started

Voucher Price (Month 1): 400$

Monthly Subscription Fee (Months 2-6): 200$

Subscription Duration: 3 Months

Total: 1400$

Only 2 Vouchers available

Only 3 Vouchers available

Phase 4

Promotion State: Not Started

Voucher Price (Month 1): 400$

Monthly Subscription Fee (Months 2-9): 200$

Subscription Duration: 9 Months

Total: 2200$

Only 3 Vouchers available

Only 4 Vouchers available

Phase 5

Promotion State: Not Started

Voucher Price (Month 1): 400$

Monthly Subscription Fee (Months 2-12): 280$

Subscription Duration: 12 Months

Total Amount: 3480$

Only 4 Vouchers available

Up to 5 Vouchers available

Phase 6

Promotion State: Not Started

Voucher Price (Month 1): 400$

Monthly Subscription Fee (Months 2-12): 350$

Subscription Duration: 12 Months

Total Amount: 4250$

Up to 5 Vouchers available

Up to 20 Vouchers available

Phase 7

Promotion State: Not Started

Voucher Price (Month 1): 400$

Monthly Subscription Fee (Months 2-12): 400$

Subscription Duration: 12 Months

Total Amount: 4800$

Up to 20 Vouchers available

Do you think it's still too expensive for a professional website?

Well, we ran an analysis of what you could be paying elsewhere to get a Nitro Project level website. 

Check it out below!

Let's do a case study!

We’ve broken down the average costs for a professional website design as if it was built following the generic process and costs

Suppose you contracted a different web agency to build your new website. You have to know that on average, a good digital agency rate, here in Canada, is around 100$/hour. 

Now Let’s dive into the analysis of the costs DJ Casanova, one of our esteemed clients, would’ve incurred to get his new website if he had not signed up for our Elite Nitro Project Package.

Context: DJ Casanova's new website interview

DJ Casanova is an international DJ and Dance instructor who recently decided to launch a new website to showcase his craft, reach out to potential customers and most importantly facilitate the access to his services to his customers and event organizers.

Interview Article: We’ve interviewed DJ Casanova about his experience working with us on his new website.

The interview explores the journey of creating an Elite Nitro Project website from scratch for DJ Casanova, including the challenges faced, the strategies used, and the results achieved.

Ultimately, we examine how this Elite level website has helped DJ Casanova grow his business and reach more people.

DJ Casanova is an international DJ and Dance instructor who recently decided to launch a new website to showcase his craft, reach out to potential customers and most importantly facilitate the access to his services to his customers and event organizers.

Average web agency
costs break down

As we’ve mentioned above, on average, the hourly rate of a good web agency in Canada is around 100$ per hour. On this basis, here is a full break down of the costs you would incur to get a website like DJ Casanova for your business, following our Standard Nitro Projects Package costs, and if built by another Canadian web agency.

Note: For the sake of this analysis, we’ve limited the costs to the first year of operations.


Core modules

Design and Development

Additional Services


Average total costs : 10,270$

And we haven’t even included the value of our bonuses for the Elite package yet!

The total value of our bonuses for this package is 1125$.

Total costs including bonuses: 11,400$

All in all, it would cost you 11,400$ before taxes to acquire a standard version of DJ Casanova’s Website and enjoy the benefits that our Nitro Project packages come with!

With this voucher, a website of this caliber Could cost you less than 500$ all-inclusive + 0% Interest on our payment plans!

You won’t find such an offer anywhere else!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a full range of WordPress web design services, including website design, development, maintenance, optimization, customization, migration, and support.

No worries, we have an additional E-commerce package specifically tailored to your needs. Let’s jump on a call and discuss this further.

We provide excellent tech support and can help with any technical issues you may have. We’re also available to provide consultation and training to help you become more comfortable with WordPress web design.
Beside our Nitro projects packages, price points vary depending on the scope of your needs, so please contact us for a custom quote.

Absolutely! You can upgrade your package whenever you are ready. Simply book a free consultation and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However we do not offer refunds on paid subscriptions as we also cover losses by putting in the work but not getting paid in full. 

Note: As per our policy, the website becomes fully your when you finish paying for it. If you cancel your subscription before the end of the terms as agreed, we will deactivate your website and delete all the files. 

Our Nitro Projects package come with most of the core features you need to successfully run your website. You may need some additional features but those are discretionary, as all that’s really needed on a website is in the package already.

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