Case study: DJ Casanova shares his experience launching his new website

Case Study DJ Casanova Shares His Experience Launching His New Website - Konectiz

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DJ Casanova is an international DJ and Dance instructor who recently decided to launch a new website to showcase his craft, reach out to potential customers and most importantly facilitate the access to his services to his customers and event organizers.

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DJ Casanova is an international DJ and Dance instructor who recently decided to launch a new website to showcase his craft, reach out to potential customers and most importantly facilitate the access to his services to his customers and event organizers. 

This case study will explore the journey of creating a professional website from scratch for DJ Casanova, including the challenges faced, the strategies used, and the results achieved. Finally, we will examine how this website has helped DJ Casanova grow his business and reach more people.

What reasons brought DJ Casanova to launch a new website?

DJ Casanova decided to launch a new website in order to address the issues he was facing with management, scheduling, communication with clients, and booking contracts. He wanted to centralize everything and streamline the process of getting gigs. By launching a new website, DJ Casanova and his team were able to reduce mistakes and make sure that his clients had all the information they needed in one place.

This allowed them to save time and money by not having to deal with multiple systems or platforms for managing his business along with providing an easy way for his manager to communicate with clients, sign contracts, and schedule events quickly and efficiently.

How did he use the new website to showcase his music and services?

As an independent music artist and dance instructor, he wanted to make sure that his music and services were easily accessible to potential fans and customers. To do this, one of his requests for the new website was the ability to showcase his music and services easily.

The website features one of his SoundCloud playlists of mixes, a listing of the different classes he teaches, upcoming bookings, and an online streamlined booking process so customers could easily book him for services. He also included information about himself and his background in the industry so people could get to know him better.

This website allowed him to reach more potential fans and customers than ever before. It also made it easier for them to find out about his services and book him for gigs or classes without having to go through a complicated process.

What advantages did the new website offer him?

When Jovan AKA DJ Casanova launched his new website, he was the first in his industry to have such a professional website. This gives him an edge over his competitors and allows him to raise his brand to the next level. Not only did it help him reach out to more potential customers, but also raised the standards of the community that he served.

The advantages of having a website like this were not only limited to increasing visibility and credibility, but also included improved customer service, better search engine optimization, and more efficient communication with customers. All these benefits help Jovan and his team take the business to the next level, to stand out from the competition, and create a lasting impression on potential customers.

What challenges does he intend to take up next to improve his new website?

Developing a business is a tough challenge and there is always a new series of tasks to complete in order to grow the company. In order to grow his business, DJ Casanova intends to focus on increasing awareness of the new website and its features, creating an E-commerce store to promote merchandise related to the Golden Standard brand, and increasing recognition of the brand across multiple channels. All these challenges require strategic planning and implementation in order to ensure that they are successful. Additionally, he must also consider other aspects such as SEO and content marketing in order to maximize the reach of his website. With the assistance of his management team, he is already gearing up to tackle those steps one after the other and we have started the talks around the next phase of development.

What advice does Konectiz have for other artists in his industry about launching their own websites?

Launching a website is an important step for any business in the digital age. It allows you to reach the next level of success by streamlining your business processes, facilitating access to information, and showcasing your work professionally.

Konectiz is a digital agency helping businesses reach their full potential through web development and digital marketing. They have a wealth of experience in the industry and have some excellent advice for others looking to launch their websites.

We suggest that it’s important to have a clear plan for what you want the website to do and how it will be used. Additionally, we recommend creating content that will engage and educate potential customers, as well as optimizing the site for search engines so that it can be easily found on the web. With these tips in mind, launching a successful website is within reach!

Interview with DJ Casanova discussing his experience launching a new website

Here is the full video of our interview with DJ Casanova:

– Baggio Amouzou – 0:09
Hey, guys, welcome. Welcome to this interview with Konectiz. Today we’re reviewing our project with DJ Casanova. So, a few weeks ago, we launched his professional website, we want to raise the standard of the community. And DJ Casanova reached out to us to build a modern solution to answer his pain points, right? So, without further ado, let’s get DJ Casanova in! Hey, hello!

– DJ Casanova – 0:40
Hey Baggio, Whats’up Whats’up What’s up? So how’re you doing?

– Baggio Amouzou – 0:42
I’m good. I’m good, you?

– DJ Casanova – 0:44
Good! I’m good! Working hard! You know how we do it!

– Baggio Amouzou – 0:48
I know, always killing it. Okay, so how’s your week?

– DJ Casanova – 0:54
It’s been a good week, it’s been a long week, finally had like two or three days of vacation. So you know, it’s been a good, good time to relax and unwind. But we’re gonna back into it.

– Baggio Amouzou – 1:06
Okay. So, like I was saying before you came in, today, we’re talking about your website, right? We wanted to go over, you know, what brought you to us. And, you know, did we find answers to your questions and your issues, right? So let’s, let’s dive in. So the subject is what motivated you to reach out to us for a new website?

– DJ Casanova – 1:33
First of all, I love it. But definitely, for me, it was an issue that was going on, more or less for me and my management team necessarily. We had a lot of kind of issues with either scheduling or, or getting in communication with clients. So a lot of our times where clients were waiting for us to, to get back to them, or maybe even to even connect them with schedule or booking contract and things like this.

A lot of times it was a mistake or a lot of times, there was some kind of mishap and a lot of lack of communication too. Because we were either busy, I was traveling, she was traveling with me. So a lot of times with our system, their process wasn’t really clean.

So for me, I needed something to centralize everything, and then also to make the process of business really kind of streamlined. So that’s when I was looking for, you know, people like you who are here to save the day for the better for clients like me!

– Baggio Amouzou – 2:39
okay, okay, so, like you were saying, right, the specific challenges that you were meeting, essentially, right, was the streamline of the process, you know, it was really tough to manage everything, right? And sometimes the back and forth can be really tedious. Right? On top of that, you want to showcase right your work and what you can do for the community, along with bringing up the standard of the community.

Now, a few weeks ago, we launched your website, we wanted to ask you, you know, how did the new website design help you solve those challenges?

– DJ Casanova – 3:16
Already, the website, honestly, we’ve been using it so far for a few weeks now. But still, it’s just been, okay. Or a client comes in who wants our services, okay, want to check our website, go through it. It’s really streamlined for them. I’ve been getting bookings consistently through them. People just have been signing up, it’s really clear, clear for them.

So it really, really eliminates any of the back and forth and maybe the miscommunications and things like this. Everything is right in front of the clients, and everything is presented to them, in a clear way. So it’s been easy there, it’s been very easy there. And then on top of this has been great for other artists around me and people who are in my, in my field to see such professionalism that they haven’t seen as much before.

– Baggio Amouzou – 4:09
That’s great! That’s great! We are really happy that we could provide some solutions to your issues! For those who are watching us, thank you very much for watching! In case you don’t know exactly what we’re talking about, at Konectiz, we prepared a free webinar for you to attend. Okay, you can watch it on the 27th of May 2023, right to actually get all the information you can easily go to www.konectiz.com and this is the flyer for you guys.

So that was it. Pretty simple, right? How to develop your business online? And it’s actually a webinar that is open for anybody, provided that you’re starting a business or you’ve been on the market for a few years now but you’re not sure, things are not starting exactly the way that you want them to right? So this webinar is here to explain the different scopes of digital marketing, and how to actually develop your business into this landscape online right?

Now, that was a short promotion of our free webinars don’t miss it is the first of a series of six, you want more information, please head out to www.konectiz.com. Now, Doctor Casanova, I like to call everybody like that, everybody is Dr as long as you’re an expert in your field, you’re a doctor for me. So, tell me, what has been the most positive outcome of the website redesign?

– DJ Casanova – 5:41
I would say one of the most positive is the now potential growth for my company. Right now, a lot of people who are very interested, were kind of on the fence or looking like, okay, Golden Standard has been a very prominent brand. But its website and everything and how it’s streamlined, everything’s like, okay, now I need to join Golden Standard because I don’t want to be left behind.

So it’s been a very good, cool kind of place to be where people are kind of now striving to reach this standard. So this is really cool! And I think that that’s a really interesting thing that I’ve never kind of experienced before. So it’s definitely a benefit for me.

– Baggio Amouzou – 6:29
So what features, specifically do you think brought those people to you like, what features on the website have been the most beneficial to your business?

– DJ Casanova – 6:40
So number one, the booking of me or any other clients and things like this, where a customer can just come online, and create their profile, everything is really fast, it was not like taking 20 minutes, 30 minutes to do this. Everything is almost automated, really, where clients have come in and signed in with me for either private or, or actual festivals and events and things like this. And they get all their answers. And when people see this, they see how efficient this is.

Because usually, it’s really not that efficient. So seeing how quick and painless it is. And this is, the more the less hassle that’s, that’s there for the consumers, the more interested in them, the more going to be valuing you. So really raises up my value.

– Baggio Amouzou – 7:37
So so let’s just say, I’m not supposed to say this, let’s just say that we killed this, right?

– DJ Casanova – 7:43
Absolutely, absolutely! It was, it is exactly what I needed.

– Baggio Amouzou – 7:50
That’s perfect. But I wanted to ask you, you know, we tried to cover as many possible features as we could in the time that we had. I was wondering, are there any additional features that you would like to see in the future on your website, or maybe everybody else in the community should strive to get up there?

– DJ Casanova – 8:09
Soon, for me, I’m such a big content creator, I really aim at trying to now bring a centralized place for all my content for either clothing or merchandise, videos, blogging, and anything that really brings more attention to the brand and more attention to the website. I’m definitely ready to start working on these things now.

And definitely having services that can then maybe subscribe people to these and keep people in, in the loop of what’s happening around me and with me. Definitely can’t wait for these kinds of services to kind of pop in.

– Baggio Amouzou – 8:50
Okay, well, you know, you know, we’re already ready to get that rolling! We already planning on the E-commerce part of your site, your brand new, a full new set of, designs and products and, you know, everybody’s gonna be happy when we do launch that thing.

I really hope that people that are listening right now are clinching their wallets very seriously because when we launched this, it’s gonna be a big thing. Obviously, I think DJ Casanova is happy with his service. I’ll ask him later. Like he needs to tell you honestly what he thinks. Right?

And, I wanted to show you guys the promotion that we’re running right now, for the first contract that you work with us. We offer a 30% reduction on the project, right? And it’s even possible that we do slip in some more features and you actually thought about right…

And that was the that was it. So yeah, it’s very straightforward, right?

– DJ Casanova – 10:12
Loved it, love it. Love it 100%

– Baggio Amouzou – 10:14
For those of you who didn’t know the video that was scrolling, there is the new website of DJ Casanova. And I think he has been a great addition to the community because, like him, I also do a lot of dancing, right? And I figured that this will be a really, really great addition to the community. Now, without further ado, let’s go on to the next one. So tell me, DeeJay Casanova.

How was the website, how has the website design impacted your customer experience? I know you talked about it a few minutes ago, like, you know, it’s a bit more streamlined since it’s easier, right? But you know, did somebody actually contact you and say, hey, you know, this is sleek, I like how it works, and how was experienced tell me…

– DJ Casanova – 10:58
Yeah, so actually, a few times ago, for like privates and things like this, to give you kind of understanding of how it used to be, a lot of times clients wouldn’t have to either message me or find me, if they could, to give you knowledge, I’m like a very hard person to catch. So if I’m not there, I’m on a flight or somewhere else or working and things like this. So it’s really hard to get in contact with me.

Therefore, it’s hard to get services from me and get what you need from me. So having that ability to have a full schedule of what, where I’m at where I’m going to be, and understanding what the prices are, I really don’t have to go back and forth, you see everything in front of you for clients. A lot of times when they were using this, it was like, Okay, I just booked you, because I saw this was free.

And it really, it really takes out any of the stress that they have for trying to apply to me and trying to connect, and all that wasted time so that they make a decision really quick. And then we can get right to business.

– Baggio Amouzou – 12:03
Yeah, that’s nice. That’s I think, for the user experience, or the customer experience, should we say, it’s very, very important to make their experience as easy as possible. So that, you know, they want DJ Casanova, let’s book, DJ Casanova, right? So he told us everything that we need to know, the pricing, everything is there, let’s just go through the process.

And it’s really, actually, it’s automated, like it’s like a self-service thing. So I don’t know if there’s an easier opportunity than that to actually book an artist for a private class. I don’t remember there’s something like that in the community. So I really, really am happy somebody finally decided to bring this here.

I am sure, I’m sure other DJs and other you know, festival organizers are gonna follow the lead that you you know, you’re starting, right? So, you know, a few seconds ago, a few minutes ago, we showed you a sneak peek of your website. So now let’s review your website together so that people actually can see the source of the problem and the solution that we propose.

Of course, full branding of the Golden Standard. Let’s go over it. I’m gonna do a screen share real quick. I’m gonna be showing you what we come up with for this website, provided that you haven’t seen it yet. It’s available at djcasanovaboston.com, and here it is.

So this is, I hope you can recognize him. He’s right there. Right. This is DJ Casanova and the Golden Standard has brought the league to another level. So let’s go. I’m just gonna do a sneak peek, right?

If you want to view it, you can go to djcasanovaboston.com, right? I’m even gonna type it for you here and just do it real quick.

So you can view the website at the same time as we go. Right? And if you want to book the DJ, I’m going to show you exactly where you can do that. So basically, the professional DJ, the DJ Casanova. Here we go. So as you can see, he has a lot of fun in his life. I hope he would bring me with him on his travels. He’s always on the plane, this guy, I want your lifestyle. Basically, this is what it is.

And if you want to listen to his mixes, pretty much straightforward, you can just press play or scroll through the list. Right? And to book him the process is actually very simple. If you want to book him for a festival or a single-day event, or even a weekender, just click the book a service button, right?

You click to book a service, and then you get the form. You just fill out the form, it’s four steps, very easy steps, right? There’s no challenge here and just do them fill in the information, and give the details.

And then the nice part about this is, when you submit the form, there’s, there’s a whole lot of power running behind, you have a lot of automation. Right? He actually doesn’t have much to do when it comes to managing the booking process.

And there’s a lot of automation like you submit the form, you get an email saying, hey, approve of our terms and conditions, you’ve approved the terms and conditions, then we go to the actual details of the booking. How many hours DeeJaying, how many hours hosting, you submit that, then the manager is going to whip up the contract, submit the contract to you via the website, you get an email, right?

Pretty much straightforward. You review the proposal, it’s good for you, you approve it, and once you approved it, then you get another email that says, hey, now it’s time to send the payment, right? So you send the payment, and then you get the final image that says okay, your booking is activated.

So basically, about 65 to 75% of this process is fully automated. Now, imagine, as a DJ, that with these types of services, it’s really, really easy for you to book your clients, right? And the same thing, the other way around for festivals is really easy to book you.

Now imagine, just imagine if festivals also we’re doing this, it will be so easy to make things move forward, somebody needs to buy a ticket, on the website, he needs to talk with the manager on the website, you can book a meeting at a time that works for you. Like you want to book an artist, submit an email, and he fills out the form or, you just go to their website, fill out a form, and everything right?

It’s very, you know, there are all kinds of ways to do this. This is a very topical context. Right? That’s what we going back and forth between the DJs and the organizers. But it’s the same for the instructors. Actually, we didn’t mention that. But DJ Casanova is also an international instructor. So if you want to learn how to dance SWAVE you know who to call, right?

So let’s go on to the actual services, right? There is a series of them? Right? And, you know, I’m just gonna go through this DJing teaching and MC, right, so we got a one-day event that you can book the weekender, the festival, and the privates, right, the principle is about the same. And this is a specific thing, the bootcamp is like, you know, like a condensed high value that you’ll be receiving, if you book this bootcamp, right?

Now, the thing is, like, this guy has a lot of fun in his life. So and, of course, there’s a lot of reviews and you know, traveling like this, working with so many people off course you get, your name gets shared around. And this is like a professional service, right?

Now for the classes. There are different types of classes at the office, basically, right? There’s like group classes, private classes. And one thing that I didn’t know, people were actually doing is DJ classes, right? It’s kind of a new thing. I have discovered that working with DJ Casanova, right?

So basically, you can book different styles, depending, you know if you’re in the community, you know what these are? If you want to learn how to have fun in your life, discover this with DJ Casanova, right? And it’s okay. The principle is just, you know, see the service, if you’re interested book him, very easy process.

And we can do this literally, for any type of service or product right? Now, if you actually want to book a private, or you want to talk to somebody, what do you actually do? This is the booking place, the booking page that was built specifically for this.

On the booking page, as you can see here, there’s a customer bookings panel, right? When you book, the deejay or one of his associates, right? For a private class, you can have your own interface where you can manage your bookings, is it a private class, is it a group class, anything, you can see it here. And you can see the status of your reservation, right? And then, provided that maybe you want to talk to, actually talk to a person, you can book a meeting by talking to a manager.

Now, let’s go to the bookings page. The first thing that you see here is, I believe one of the features that any type of DJ would like to have, is the ability to showcase where they are going to be next for the audience and their fans. Right. And for that, we built a specific section that is the upcoming bookings. So basically, he just has to enter the events that he wants to showcase next, and they’re all gonna pop here, right?

Now provided, let’s say, you want more information on this festival here, right, you just click on it, I’m gonna, I’m just gonna click on it here, right, and open it. So you get the details of the event, right? This is a specific thing that we built for, specifically for his needs. And depending on the product or the service that you have, you can do the same.

Now, let’s go back to the bookings page after you’ve reviewed the bookings. Suppose, you want to actually book a private class provided that okay, he’s going to let’s say the New York Kiz Weekender and you know that it’s at this date here. You just go to the bookings right here.

This is a very powerful module that you can use to book all types of services that you want. In this case, it’s a private class, and let’s say it’s Urban Kiz, you know, the cost, you know who you want to work with, and then you fill the form, right, the system is gonna tell you automatically the availabilities. And then you pick the time in the hour that works for you. And then you get the confirmation. Pretty simple, right? But very efficient!

Not having to actually talk to somebody and just booking the private class as easy as this, is a really new experience for the dance community, I believe. And by doing this, DJ Casanova is really bringing the standard up. Now, the rest is who is the DJ, I really like? 

Actually love this photo here it’s very sleek, professional, and everything like a star. Yeah, it is like, like, you put this on BET Awards flyer, and “Sa passe” is really straight. Right? It is. So yeah, this is what the new website is, right? We don’t need to go through all of the power that is behind this website, but you’ve got a sneak peek of it. 

If you want your website done in the same manner, provided you’re an artist, or even if you have another type of service, we always have the possibility to adjust the features and the functionalities that we can build or create for you to your needs. Right?

So don’t miss your chance, right, don’t miss the opportunity to actually have a really, really nice website, very professional and sleek. And, wow, I think we’ve got to the end of this interview. But before that, I wanted to ask DJ Casanova, right? What would you say to someone considering working with us for their website needs?

– DJ Casanova – 21:42
This is, this is like a Nike kind of moment, Just do it. Yeah, honestly, it’s 100% recommended! It’s very streamlined. It’s like, a lot of times when we were working on the website, I’ve seen what needs to be done, it was very easy. You guys were asking the right questions you were making sure you are on top of everything.

Even thinking about things that I was even thinking about. And make sure everything’s really kind of easy for this process. I didn’t really have to stay up late and, and work, it was more like you guys had to stay up late. But that’s the best process you guys are going to work for us. And honestly, this is what you could ask for getting a high-quality and high-value website and all the services.

And then also, of course, we have an actual team here who’s supporting us, and behind us to make sure everything is perfect. So this is really good.

– Baggio Amouzou – 22:44
Okay, that’s great. That’s great. We’re really happy that we could provide you with the best solution that you can hope for. But now I still have to ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 what rating would you give us like honestly transparent?

– DJ Casanova – 23:00
Transparent, I would give it a nine just because I didn’t see enough gold. There isn’t enough gold for me, I want more gold!

– Baggio Amouzou – 23:11
We need to contrast the colours right?

– DJ Casanova – 23:17
I know, I know. That’s the only limitation but this other than that everything is perfect exactly how I like it. And it’s bringing me more business. So I can’t even complain. I can’t complain.

– Baggio Amouzou – 23:30
That’s great. Oh, thank you very much for your time. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you very much for your trust in us for this project. Like we really wanted to give a very special solution that really uplifts the community and uplifts your business to the next level. Right?

I’m pretty much certain there are no other artists in the community that has a website that powerful. I’m sure there’s none right. So I really hope that you keep pushing the community with you. And I’ve seen some shares and stuff like Oh, DJ Casanova is pulling the community.

– DJ Casanova – 24:05
They’re looking.

– Baggio Amouzou – 24:06
I was really proud. I was really proud of that moment. And well, thank you very much for your trust. And, I really look forward to continuing on the E-commerce part of your website, because that’s upcoming next. So nice. Sorry.

– DJ Casanova – 24:20
That’s Next.

– Baggio Amouzou – 24:21
Oh, yeah, that’s the next step. Like we always need to improve. There’s no, There’s no going back. Right. Well, thank you very much for your time. Thank you very much, guys, for listening up to this point! We’ve come to the end of our interview.

And we really, really look forward to working with you guys at some point in the future. And let’s let’s let’s get cracking. Right. Thank you very much and have a good day.


In conclusion, from DJ Casanova’s experience launching his new website, built by Konectiz, we are happy to say that the project was a success. DJ Casanova was very pleased with the end result and found the custom platform made by our web design team to be very user-friendly, visually appealing, and effective for his needs. He was also impressed with the level of support and guidance he received throughout the entire process.

We invite you to watch the full interview to learn more about DJ Casanova’s experience building his new website and how Konectiz played an important role in making it come to life. For readers wanting to explore further, there are a number of great resources available to get advice on website design, development and digital marketing in our blog.

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